Anonymous: When you posting? I need something new sorry to masturbate to!!!


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Do you guys know how I can make gifs of put text on a gif? Also Like this post if you wanted a dirty bieber imagine!! I am really sorry I haven’t posted any yet. I don’t want to make them too short and don’t want them to be so long.

Again I love you guys so much and I am really sorry!

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Angry sex - explicit content 
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Bieber Imagines 

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Hey guys! So I got quite an overwhelming response for your own dirty imagine! I am working on all and don’t want to post one before the other. I might post 3 at a time! Please be patient.
I love you guys so much, thank you for the support! xx

Wanna get your own dirty Bieber imagine? ;)

Soo, do you? 

Well if you do, message me here but make sure you fill out this form before you do

How do you want it? 

A.) Rough
B.) Sweet 
C.) Making love

Will this be your first time with Justin?
Yes or No?

Do you want there to be..

A.) Teasing
B.) Blow job + Eat out
C.) All of the above 

Where do you want it to happen?

A.) His house
B.) Your house
C.) Don’t know

Last but not least! 

I will need your name!! 

**must be following**

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I think Justin’s the type of guy where he like starts off slow& gentle, but with each thrust he goes deeper & faster, he grunts softly in your ear as he gains speed, holding your arms down as he reaches his peak, his warm bare chest against yours, sweat forming on his forehead when he’s about to reach his peak.. Then he finally lets it all out moaning softly.

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